Terms & Conditions


SECTION 1.        Introduction


  1. In these Terms & Conditions, hereinafter known as the “Agreement”, "we", "our", or "us" refers to Come Learn Forex Ltd (the “Company”), "you" and "student" refers to the “Client” (which is anybody that has entered into this contractual agreement with the Company). Collectively, the Client and the Company will be referred to as “the Parties”. The word “Products” refers any type of product, service (which includes webinars, the MT4 System and Discord communication groups) or course advertised and sold by the Company and anything given to students by the Company including any software (such as, but not limited to, the MT4 system).


  1. This Agreement is entered into by the Parties when the Client makes a monetary transfer (whether this is a payment in full or a deposit) to the Company, by using the Company’s website https://comelearnforex.com (“Website”), for any type of. This Agreement is to co-exist and work in conjunction with any other agreement entered into by the Client and the Company.


SECTION 2.        General


  1. With some of our courses, we invite students to a Discord communication group, allow them to view our Webinars when hosted and give students an in house developed MT4 System (all rights reserved by us). Webinars, being a part of our Discord chat groups and the MT4 System are complementary to these selected courses.


  1. We try our best to host weekly webinars. However, due to this being a complimentary add-on, we shall host webinars when we want, when we can and can discontinue this add-on at any time.


  1. We hold rights to the MT4 System given to students, due to this, we reserve the right to revoke this MT4 System from you and you agree to destroy all copies of it once we revoke your grant to use it. We also reserve the right to not give this complimentary MT4 System to selected students without having to give our reason.


  1. We also update our MT4 System from time to time and when a new update is available then selected students will be updated of this update and we shall figure out a way to supply this update to you. We reserve all rights in all MT4 updates, due to this, we also reserve the right to not give this MT4 System update to selected students without having to give our reason.


  1. We reserve the right and absolute discretion to invite and remove you from your hosted webinars and Discord chats without having to give our reason.


  1. You must abide by our ‘webinar rules’ that are supply with our webinar URL links. Disobeying such rules will result in you being removed from the webinar, whether this is a temporary suspension or permanent is entirely in our discretion.


  1. We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for abusive language and acts that we deem disruptive in our Products (including courses, webinars and our Discord chats). Due to this, we reserve the right to remove you from any course (permanently and without a refund), webinar and Discord chat group if you are found guilty of this policy.


  1. From time to time we do update our course content, hence we promise to deliver this updated content to selected students through a mode we deem appreciate. However, we reserve the right to not invite or not deliver this updated content to selected students without having to give our reason.


  1. We also provide a lifetime of aftercare (which is help after completion of our courses). However, we reserve the right and discretion to remove you from the list of students we provide this aftercare too, without having to give our reason.


SECTION 3.        Refund Policy


  1. The Client understands and agrees that we reserve the right to cancel Products for individual clients at our absolute discretion, and no form of refund will be due to you for whatever reason.


  1. The client understands that we reserve the right to cancel Products for individual clients by the terms stipulated in this Agreement.


  1. The Client agrees that whether they or we decide to terminate our Products before its expiration date, for any individual clients, entitles you to no form of credits or refunds for the remainder of your purchased Products.


  1. The Client understands that we do not offer a refund for any of our Products after you have completed them.


  1. The Client agrees that deposits for any Products are non-refundable if you cancel your purchase.


  1. The Client agrees that a deposit given as a mistake for any Products can be transferred to the correct Products (subject to availability).


SECTION 4.        Your absolute responsibility


  1. You take sole responsibility for all trading, all trading decisions and accept that such decisions are made by you alone, this applies during the duration of any of our Products or after.


  1. You accept that all transactions that occur in your trading account with your preferred broker is your responsibility and you accept all legal responsibility for them.


  1. You understand that heavy losses can be incurred when buying or selling Stocks, Futures, Equities or on the Foreign Exchange Markets and understand that buying or selling such things can expose you to severe risks including the fact that you can suffer a loss of a percentage (if not 100%) of your capital, cash, and/or assets you have pledged to trade through your preferred broker.


  1. You understand that we are not responsible in any way for any trading transactions that occur in your trading account between you and your preferred broker.


  1. You agree and assume full legal responsibility for any loss and expenses that occur.


  1. You agree that purchasing or selling Stocks, Foreign Exchange Market Lots, Futures, and Equities may result in a profit or loss which you take full legal responsibility for.


  1. You understand as a trader that you are fully responsible for your orders placed, your orders filled, your Stocks, your Lots on the Foreign Exchange Markets, Futures Contracts entered into by you, or Equities bought or sold and you take full legal responsibility for your earned profits and incurred losses and expenses.


  1. You agree and understand that while the profits of trading Stocks, Futures, the Foreign Exchange Markets, or Equities exposes you to the risk of heavy losses of your cash, capital, or assets, and therefore you agree not to hold us and any of our subsidiaries responsible for any losses you incur, no matter how large they may be.


  1. You understand that there may be other risks involved in the buying and selling Stocks, on the Foreign Exchange Markets, Futures, and Equities, online, not stated in this Agreement, thus, you agree that it is your absolute legal responsibility to know, investigate, research, and assume, all additional risks inherent in trading.


  1. You agree and understand that we do not accept any liability or legal responsibility for any investment, online trades, interpretation, or acceptance, of any information available on our Website and Products. You agree to access our Website and purchase our Products at your own risk and we do not provide any legal warranty that information available or obtained on our Website or from any of our Products is absolutely accurate and reliable.


  1. You agree to not, under any circumstances, copy, duplicate, and/or soliciting information, material, and other properties owned by us and any of the Products we provide unless we grant you written approval and consent authorisation to do so prior.


  1. You agree that the absolute risk of your trading technique in the trading of Stocks, on the Foreign Exchange Markets, Futures, or Equities, lies solely with you and you accept full legal responsibility for it.




  1. There are major risks in trading, investing, and day trading online, which makes it unsuitable for everyone. We have made every effort to accurately represent our Website and Products. We provide absolutely no guarantee that you will make any type of monetary gain, earn any money or achieve a financial goal using the methods, information and suggestions in the content taught by us. Any examples or demonstrations provided by us are in no way a guarantee or promise that you or an individual will make financial gains of any kind. The potential for earnings is totally dependent on you and your own initiative and how you utilize what is taught by us. Our Website does not provide, recommend or promote a "get rich scheme" or a "make money scheme".


  1. No legal responsibility is assumed by us, and the accuracy or reliability of information, quotes, or opinions from any of our Products is absolutely not guaranteed. Every student assumes sole legal responsibility for his or her decisions.


  1. All students actual level of success in obtaining the results acclaimed in our materials and testimonials by other students depends on the students own individual efforts and time they devote to the methods taught and ideas provided by us, their own financial resources, experiences, skills and their own knowledge. All these factors vary from one individual to another and we explicitly do not guarantee any monetary results from what is taught by us. Nor do we advise you how to invest your money. The Company is solely a teacher and what you do as a student with what is taught is solely dependent on you and you alone. We do not take any responsibility for your actions and the results you obtain.


  1. Content included in our Products and Website may contain information that includes or is based on forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements indicate our forecasts or expectations of future events. These are non-factual statements and are based on optimism. You can identify these statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to current or historical facts. They also use words such as "expect", "anticipate", "believe", "estimate", "project", "may", "possible", "plan", "intend" and other words, phrases and terms of similar meaning in relation with descriptions of potential or possible income, earnings or other financial performance. This again emphasises that we do not guarantee any type on monetary gains from what you learn from us and we are not responsible for your actions or what you do with the content that is taught. Additionally, if any employee of the Company has mistakenly said anything that may give you the opinion that you will make any type of monetary gains or will find financial success from what is taught by us then we would like to disclaim any such statements, as they are false and may have been said through an honest mistake.


  1. All Forward-looking statements used in our Website, Products or on any of our sales and marketing content are solely to express our own opinion of income potential. A large number of factors will affect your financial returns and actual results. We provide no guarantees that you will obtain or achieve any results whatsoever from our Website, methods, suggestions, Products or any other content we provide. Any results or financial performance you may see on our Website, materials, testimonials or within any of our content are not typical. Your results will vary from other student's.


  1. As stated above, any examples, content and information from webinars or demonstrations provided by us are in no way a guarantee or promise that an individual will make financial gains of any kind, this also applies to all webinars hosted by us. Webinars are hosted for educational purposes ONLY, though we may provide our outlook on the Foreign Exchange Markets and potential trades that WE may take due to our own analysis, this is not any way, shape or form financial or investment advice. The purpose of webinars is to show you how to apply what we have taught and in doing so we have to use live examples on https://tradingview.com in order to show you and other students how to correctly utilise what we have taught. Everyone’s outlook of the Foreign Exchange Markets is different and what we state on webinars, or post on https://www.tradingview.com, should not be taken as financial or investment advice. Webinars are solely for educational purposes and exist to show students how to apply what we have taught, this is not us advising you to take these trading set-ups for any type of monetary gains. Webinars and posts on https://www.tradingview.com are strictly for educational purposes and not financial investment advice and this is extremely important to understand. The potential for earnings is totally dependent on the Clients own initiative and how they utilize what is taught by us.


  1. We recommend that the Client seeks information from his or her preferred financial or investment advisor before purchasing any of our Products as we do not offer any advice on financial investments.


  1.  To emphasise, we are not liable to any loss you incur. We are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are an educational company and do not in any way, shape or form advise you how to invest or spend your money as we are not investment advisers and do not engage in financial promotions and do not give trading instructions. What you do with what we teach is solely dependant on you and we take no responsibility for how you utilise what we have taught.


  1. We do not represent ourselves as an Investment Advisor, we, therefore, do not provide any kind of investing advice.


  1. We advise all clients to practise Demo Trading (trading accounts that do not use real cash) until you come about with a strategy that ensures consistent profit. By reading this you understand that real trading is substantially different from Demo trading. Demo Trading mitigates actual market conditions including, but not limited to, quick-moving markets, failure to have an order filled, bad market conditions, and so forth. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees as to how much profits you will earn when trading with your own money. You agree and take full responsibility for any risks inherent in your trades, and any trading techniques you develop from our Products, as this can expose you to risks.


  1. You must do your own independent research prior to engaging in any kind of business activity with us or in general, including any activity when you have expectations of specific results or financial returns.


SECTION 6.        Severability


  1. If a court finds any provision of this Agreement invalid or unenforceable (whether an entire clause or only part of one), then the remainder of this Agreement shall be enforced as if the offending part had never been contained in it.


SECTION 7.        Governing Law & Jurisdiction


  1. This Agreement is governed by the laws of England and is to be construed in accordance with, English law. The Parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts to deal with any dispute which has arisen or may arise out of, or in connection with, this Agreement.


SECTION 8.        Revision of this Agreement and which version applies to you


  1. We may update this Agreement from time to time as necessary. The terms and version of the Agreement that applies to you are those that exist on the day you purchase any of one of our Products (whether you have made a payment for it on our Website in full or a deposit). We advise you to print a copy for your records.


SECTION 9.        Commitment 


  1. Every Client must fully read this legal Agreement, understand, and agree to this contractually binding Agreement in order to proceed with any Product purchase. By agreeing to these legal terms set out in this Agreement, you also agree that you have read and understood all the terms set out in this Agreement.